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OK, we've all experienced those dreamy deer hunting stories of our fathers, grandfathers etc, where they head up north and spend a couple weeks staying in a rustic cabin, tucked WAY BACK in the woods. You remember, where they drove a mile down a two track to get there. Big ole wood stove for heat, warmed up their water over a fire for taking showers, propane lights, generator for a little power. Evenings when you came back in from the deer blind it was almost like you could touch the stars. A place that was so quiet, you had to sniffle a little every now and again to make sure your ears still worked. Waking up at o'dark thirty, you can smell the bacon frying, grandpa over tossing another log in the stove. Walking out in the early morning light, dusting of snow on the ground crunched under foot on the way to the old log blind deep in the woods.

Guess what.............. that place still exists!! Yes indeed, I found it, and it's for sale. 160 very secluded wooded acres, with a 2 bedroom rustic cabin. Yep, wood stove for heat, 2 comfortable bedrooms. An upgrade from grandpa's place, this one has a flush toilet. Propane stove and fridge to keep and cook the load of food everyone brought from home, including the bacon and eggs. Propane gas lights providing both light and heat. Couple nice comfortable couches for rest and relaxation in front of the big picture window that looks out over a large food plot.

Few more upgrades from the place of grandpa's day. No leaning up against a cold tree trunk waiting for that 10 point to wander by. This one comes with 4 food plots, 4 very nice tower stands in place. Multiple tree stands, several ground box blinds, even a portable blind on skis. Miles of trails winding around thru the forest and openings. The current owners have been very busy managing the property for whitetails, and the work is paying off. Some nice bucks are being both seen and taken from the property.

If you're interested in reliving those deer hunter dreams, give me a shout, and let's go walk this one. I'll bring the compass.

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