Cass City 144

If you enjoy hunting a larger piece of acreage - one of those wild and woolly, nearly untamed parcels, where having a compass is a necessity... a place where even after owning it for a couple years you still find yourself discovering new ground - this one may be for you. Not kidding, bring the compass.

Woods are pretty thick in a lot of places. Comprised of mostly poplars, maples, and dead ash. There's a partial opening up front, about 10 acres worth, that the seller mowed some of this summer. The mowed area is now a glowing green patch of new grass. Good spot for your camp, or food plot. The deer seem to be enjoying that new grass now. The woods are mostly lower ground, mixed with some areas of grass and brush. It's not all underwater, but will be squishy to splashy in quite a few spots depending on the time of year. The very west end of the property does seem to be drier and has a few hardwood trees.

Not much for trails to get you through; that's where that compass comes in handy. Only path I found is the result of an 8′ ingress / egress easement that comes in from the road for a neighbor to access his 40 back deep in the woods. It's pretty much a quad path for the length I walked. It runs on a mostly SW route through the property.

There are some farms off to the west and south of this property, but by and large this area is big woods. The Cass River is located maybe 1/2 mile to the north. Across the road to the east is a nice chunk of the Cass City State Game Area.

If you want to come out and walk this one, give yourself a couple hours, and don't forget the boots and that compass.

Address and aerial are estimated. Sale contingent on Twp approval of split.

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