Ogemaw County 31

31 acres located on a private easement a few miles to the NW of Prescott Michigan. Nice piece of hunting land. Property is rolling with a combination of forest, thickets, openings, and a couple swamps. Great mix of trees making up the wooded portion of the land, oaks, maples, poplars, pines and some birch. The kind of habitat that deer and turkey enjoy. Good amounts of deer sign found throughout the acreage. There are three 10-acre parcels being sold in one sale to make up the 31 acres.

The southernmost parcel is high and rolling with a mix of openings, pines, poplars, and some brushy thickets along the edges. Those openings would make good camping spots.

The middle parcel has a swamp setting in the southern half with high wooded ground along the west and north sides. That swamp will be a great place for the deer to bed and the surrounding higher ground has scattered oaks providing a food source.

The northernmost parcel also has a swampy area which runs in a strip through the middle. The ground to the east and west of the swamp is high rolling and wooded. Again, the deer will be bedding in that low ground and making their way into the oaks in the higher spots.

The easement access (the yellow line on the aerial) runs north in off Lucinda Dr. There is a red gate at the entrance. It runs along the east side of the first parcel, the west side of the middle parcel and bisects the northern most parcel.

The easement is gated, and you will need an appointment and a real estate agent with you to be on the property. Address shown is not actual address. It is approximately where the easement entrance is found. Aerial is estimated.

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