Walker's 40

40-acre piece of hunting land between Prescott and Skidway Lake, in Ogemaw County. Interesting piece of property. Square shape to give you a little elbow room from the neighbors. The front 14 ish acres is a combination of high and low ground and forested with oak, maple, poplar, pine and tag alder brush areas. There are also some seasonal wet spots in the middle portion. The east and west ends up front are more rolling; the middle is level. Good amount of wildlife using the land including deer, small game and an occasional bear roaming through.

Power crosses the entire frontage of the parcel.

The remaining 25 ish acres are mostly brushy, grassy and damp to wet. A creek winds its way back through the middle of the parcel. Eventually connecting to a lake on the southern neighbor's property. There is also a box blind back in the brush. If you notice on the aerial, west of the creek, you can see the shooting lanes and the blind are in the middle. I found it with the drone but haven't yet located a path to get back to it.

There are 2 gates for entry into the acreage. The middle gate has a nice parking / camp spot and there are a couple trails leading back from there. The westerly trail leads back to a nice, raised box blind that looks over the brushy middle section of the parcel. An easterly trail leads back over a dock / bridge and continues along to the eastern side of the property.

The eastern gate is right at the eastern edge of the property. There is a trail here that runs along the eastern edge of the land and back to another raised blind and a ground blind. There are also some small open areas near the raised blind that could be converted into food plots.

If you're coming to walk this piece, you'll need an appointment and a real estate agent with you to be on the property. It would also be a good idea to bring rubber boots if you intend on exploring the wetter sections.

No land contracts or leases. Address and aerial are estimated.

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