East Tawas Pines

Approximately 39 acres of hunting land in Iosco County, just north of East Tawas. Located on a nice gravel road 1.5 miles west of US-23, right close to the airport.

About 26 acres of dry ground, lots of pines, some birch, some poplar and a few oaks. Lots of dense, knee-high ground cover. Interesting stuff, looks like a mix of wild blueberry bushes and ferns. Apparently, the deer love hanging out in it, too. Plenty of well used deer runways and bedding spots. There are some nice-sized open areas mixed in with the pine thickets that should make great food plot locations.

The back 14 ish acres is swamp grass, scattered bushes and waterholes. I don't think it's all wet, as I watched deer walking through it last weekend. But when we catch up on our rainfall totals again, I'd think it should be quite the place for duck hunting.

There is a railroad that crosses right at the SE corner. Thinking it doesn't get a ton of use from the looks of things. The property sets in off the road a bit and is now legally connected to Scott Road by a recorded easement at the SW corner of the parcel. The easement has not been developed. The south property line as well as the SW and SE corners of the property have been surveyed and marked. I strung some surveying tape from the south property line out to the road, estimating the location of the recorded easement.

Lots of things to do in the area. Tawas beaches are 5 miles to the south, and the Au Sable River is 10 miles to the north.

You'll need an appointment and a real estate agent with you to walk the land. I'd also suggest bringing a compass or having an aerial mapping program on your phone. Makes finding your way around this one much easier.

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