Millington 52

Absolutely gorgeous Michigan thumb area wooded acreage. 52.46 acres located on a paved road about a mile north of the city of Millington. This is one of the nicest woods I've walked in a long time. Many different tree types and sizes, including oaks, maples, pines, poplars, beech, cherry, and the list goes on. There's even a decent stand of sassafras trees on this one. A little research and I found out that parts of this tree are used to make rootbeer. Man, who doesn't like big frosty glass of rootbeer on a hot summer day.

Good population of wildlife using this property too, deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, and grouse all seem to be roaming these woods. Check the pictures, some really nice buck rubs I found on my walks through this piece. If you're a bowhunter there are plenty of trees to hang your stands. You folks who prefer ground blinds, you're going to love these woods. Open enough to actually see for a ways. If you prefer the thicker stuff, it's here too. Lots of food for the wildlife on this one both in the woods and on the neighboring farmlands next door. On the south end of this one there's about a 4-acre opening, nicely tucked in off the road, last year it was planted to soybeans. Would think that would make a nice spot for that new home or cabin or maybe a big food plot.

Ya know, properties like this take a long time to grow up this pretty and when they show up on the market they don't normally last long. Let us know if you'd like to come take a stroll through the big woods. You'll need an appointment and a real estate agent with you to be on the property.

This property has been surveyed and is being split from a larger piece of ground. Sales are contingent on township approval of the split.

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