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Nice piece of hunting land for sale in Ogemaw County. The Mills Township property is approximately 40 acres in size and has 1300 feet of frontage on a county-maintained gravel road. There are 2 gated entrances, one in the middle and one at the east end of the parcel. Power crosses the entire length of the road front. There is also a cleared camping area near the middle gate.

The front 15ish acres is a combination of oaks, maples, poplars, a few pines, and some thick brushy spots. The east and west ends upfront are the rolling higher areas. The middle is brushier, flatter, and has some seasonal wet areas with a creek crossing through it. No worries, there is foot bridge to get across the creek. A good trail system up front provides access to all the deer blinds. Currently, there are 2 tower stands, 2 tree stands, and 1 ground level box blind in place, ready to go, and will stay with the sale.

The remainder of the property is marshy, with heavy brush, tall grasses, and wet areas. Darn nice bedding area for the local deer herd. There's also another box style deer blind located back in this area. It's visible from the aerial drone picture but looks like it's going to be a tough walk in and out. Might be one of those late season ones to try when the hunting pressure pushes the deer into the thickets.

Good population of deer, some turkeys, small game, bobcat, racoons and can't rule out a bear wandering through on occasion. The wet areas and creek should be a seasonal home to passing wood ducks and mallards. This is going to be one of those parcels where you just might get a glimpse of a weasel, mink, beaver or muskrat searching for breakfast along the creek and the wet areas out back.

Pretty special piece of Michigan wildness where you just never know what sort of critter may cross your path. You'll need an appointment and a real estate agent with you to be on the property. Good idea to bring some boots too. Can be tough on a pair of tennis shoes.

No land contract or leases on this one. Acreage size and aerial are estimated.

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