Recreational properties offer a wide variety of fun activities for families

Recreational Property
Well, another Michigan hunting season is mostly in the record books, with only rabbit, squirrel, and some predator hunting still open. Plenty of fishing still to be done though, with diehard anglers chaffing for colder weather to thicken the ice up for auger and shanty.
But hunting and fishing are just two of many activities that motivate recreational property owners. Obviously for lake and river front properties, there is a host of water sports – canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, water boarding, water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, party boating.

For wooded recreational properties, there is camping, hiking, ATV and dirt bike riding, hobby farming, maple syrup tapping, fruit tree cultivation, morel hunting, bee keeping, wildlife management, bird watching, nature photography, target shooting, and building hidden forts. Family games like capture the flag, paint ball, or, my personal favorite, monster in the dark, are also popular. Of course, sharing scary stories or jokes along with s'mores around a campfire is standard fare as well.

Recreational properties are also often prized as quiet escapes for writers, artists, musicians, or those who just need time away from the hustle and bustle to think a bit. Some even offer them to family and friends as retreats for special times of extended prayer and communion with God. I have enjoyed nearly all of these activities on my family's wilderness property.

But whatever the activities, recreational properties are always a special place away from it all - familiar, yet filled with nature's mystery; a place of solitude and adventure, of tranquility and adrenaline, of beauty and wildness, of wonderful smells, mysterious sounds, and unexpected sights. And, most of all, a place for forging lifelong memories of shared experiences with the people you love most.

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